Jay Strut on Andrew Mukamal's Today's Look

Ever since Kell on Earth (Kelly Cutrone's underrated short-lived reality show), I have been a fan of Andrew Mukamal. I still remember him in the floor length silver dress/plaid shirt combo on the first episode. He's hilarious and has a ridiculously adventurous style (currently filled with envy-inducing Proenza pieces). Since then, he's been doing different things including a daily internet show called Today's Look. I've been watching it since day one and this week, he had a familiar face on the show.

Jay Strut, as you may know is a popular Canadian blogger. I've met him a few times in functions and he's just as fashionable and candid in person. He was in New York for fashion week and ended up in Andrew's vintage Versace throne chair. They talked about becoming a blogger, the fashion scene in Toronto, about how amazing Givenchy is (I agree), and did you know he made music? Needless to say, these two were entertaining to watch together. And a tad surreal.

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