Marni X H&M Preview Party

After four years of dedicating myself to lining up over night for H&M designer collaborations, I finally got to attend to my first preview party. Held in the Trump Tower, a small hall was turned in to an ambient place reminiscent of the Marni commercial. It felt intimate and romantic. And lovely in a way the Marni collection itself is.

I was also the first to get there so maybe I was just lonely.

It was such a luxury to browse through the collection peacefully without bumping and pushing other people. Usually there's a lot of those when I'm around a designer collaboration. Not this time. I got to take my time and feel the products. Multiple times.

So believe me when I say it was great.

There was a balance of wearable pieces with mass appeal such as the floral and sequined collar necklaces that the crowd unanimously put on their wish lists but also quirky designs Marni fans will love such as the tops with patent leather front panels and pretty much any thing printed. All are statement pieces and worth lining up over night.

For men, it was the same deal. I absolutely love the 100% cashmere sweater and tee. They're a bit pricey compared to wool/cotton sweaters but cheap if you know how much cashmere goes for usually. Plus, I love the irony of a cashmere tee (winter? summer? who knows). I also like the navy shirt with  brown sleeves that when rolled up, a red fabric is revealed. Cheeky. There's also a blue patterned short sleeved shirt that would appeal to the quirkier individuals. If you want to push it even further, cropped hoodies in yellow and navy are also available.


There were also small details worth pointing out for some of the pieces. The aforementioned floral necklaces had leather ends. The polka dot pants were textured and not just printed on. The men's tote bag had an ingenious design of two different handles. And the pieces with the green print? 100% silk. The small details that make these pieces less ordinary and more special.

After looking at every pieces thoroughly, chatting with friends, and being mistaken for a girl a few times I decided to call it a day. On my way out, I got a goodie bag containing a scarf and a notebook with the lookbook of the collection. It was a nice touch and a reminder to get my butt off bed and in line come March 8th.

Will I see you there?

Check out more photos from the preview party after the jump:  

Special thanks to the H&M team for having me for the preview night.

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