Covet 5: Juun.J Biker Jackets

As much fashion I consume (it's a dangerous amount really), there's still some that go by the way side.
Juun.J was one of them until I saw these biker jackets on SSENSE. The cut is sharp and the way it folds reminds me of origami. And I dig fabric mixture so the black one gets bonus points. The best part is probably the ingenious (and cool) redesign of a biker. It's a conundrum to rethink a mainstay item.Thanks to the slits (with badass zipper hardware), both lapels show even when it's zipped up.

Beyond this jacket, Juun.J have other noteworthy designs right now. You should check it out while I admire from my computer screen.

If you have the deep pockets, both jackets are currently available at SSENSE.

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