My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Wish List

Last week, I posted an affordable and feasible wish list for my birthday. Now, here's a list if money wasn't an issue. It's obnoxiously expensive and I'm a hopeless dreamer. But the thing is, many of the items on this list are items I've wanted for a while now. So you know, if you're crazy enough to pull the trigger - before I do, they will definitely be put to good use; for a really long time.

And yeah, that is how I'm rationalizing it. Shut up (and read).

via saks
Prada Wing Tips, $650- 900
This brogue/sneaker/espadrille shoe love child was a big hit for Prada last summer when it came out. It was in every other magazine and was a recurring shoe of choice for many street style shots. I wanted it and it was sold out. Or so I thought. I passed by Harry Rosen on Bloor Street last week and literally walked back to the window to confirm what I just saw. Dreams come true apparently. Maybe this summer it will be on my feet.

Givenchy Fleur Rouge, $600+
While I was at Bloor, I stopped by Holts as well and saw this tee from Givenchy's resort collection. I wasn't a print person for the longest time but then I was and now, I look forward to what print Tisci will offer next. Last year, I got the rottweiler and now I want the flower.  Apparently so do everyone else because I have witnessed this shirt hit online stores, sell out sizes within minutes, and sell out completely in a few hours. 

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Alexander Wang Pullover, $150
THIS ONE IS ON SALE and actually affordable - and my size is the only one left! Which is part of the appeal of Alexander Wang. I've mentioned this sweater before here and I still very much want it. So you know, get to it...

via barneys
Alexander Wang Sweater, $750
Another Wang item. Can you tell I'm a big fan? This one from S/S 12 was a stand out for me so I was a bit shocked that not a lot of buyers bought this style. I've only seen it on Barneys' site and there's only a medium left. Hopefully there'll be a shipment soon but with sale season starting next month, I highly doubt it.

via engadget
Sony Nex-C3, $500
I had this in my Christmas wish list and I still want it. As a blogger, I need a good camera and Engadget had very nice things to say about it so whether you get it or not, I'll be saving up for this regardless.

via apple
Mac Book Pro, $1200+
Let's end this with a giant 'FAT CHANCE!' I'm completely delusional and borderline mentally unstable to ask anybody to get me a Mac Book. But hey, I am shamelessly putting it out there. For one, I want and need this. Two, my Dell (never again) is experiencing a slow painful death and the hinges just cracked last week. So soon enough, a Mac Book will be a bigger necessity.

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