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For a station that exploits sex (I'm looking at you Jersey Shore) and glamourize drama (ahem, The Hills) MTV has finally added a responsible show to their line up. Savage U is a show that follows sex columnist Dan Savage travel to different universities answering - with a sprinkle of humour - twenty somethings' often taboo sex woes. It's one part entertainment and one part educational. What's great about Savage is he's not your prude grandma or some politician/religious leader pushing their beliefs on you (who wants a finger wag?). "Everyone thinks I'm some crazy sex radical. Everything I'm talking about I want to see happen because I want to prevent divorce. I want people to stick together for the long haul. I want relationships to last."

P.S. While you wait for the show, youtube his videos. This one's my favourite: "America's always last but first to congratulate itself." :

Savage U airs on Wednesdays at 10pm on MTV Canada

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