How To Shop: New Arrivals

An integral part of  fashion is shopping. As much as I admire the art and history of fashion, it's just as important to know the business side of it. In the few years I've  been shopping and following fashion, I've learned many things about the retail world. With the 'How To Shop' series I'll share with you those shopping knowledge that'll *hopefully* help make you a better shopper.
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As you know, fashion is cyclical (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). But in retail, seasons are different. Merchandise for a season hits stores (2-3)months prior to the actual season. Spring stock for example starting between January and February; just right after Christmas when it's the middle of winter. It's similar to holidays where, for example, back to school items are being advertised around July/August when students are just getting used to the freedom.

So why should you care about new arrivals ? For first dibs, duh. If you want the best selection, be there first. Doing your spring shopping when the season begins (May) and you would already have missed out 2-4 months worth of merchandise. Instead, you'll be looking at short shorts as retail stores prepare for summer.

There's also the hygiene thing. The longer something is in store, the more people will wear it. It's something to think about (it's slowly becoming an issue for me).

Limited edition items are also something to consider especially if you shop designer. Highly sought after items disappear fast (like this one); sometimes within hours of hitting the floor.

The only downside of shopping new arrivals is paying full price. The silver lining is that it forces you to practice restraint as the cost vs. worth ratio make it harder to make a decision.

But don't fret, I'll tackle sale items on the next How To Shop post. For now, get expert advice from Flare's Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Tant on when to shop for what on this excellent (and eerily accurate trend forecasting) segment.

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