Met Gala Screencaps Part 1

This Monday, the red carpet was rolled down for the annual Met Gala and for the the first time, was livestreamed online. Why this is not on broadcasted on television, is beyond me. Dubbed the "Fashion Oscars", designers, editors, models - and a sprinkle of musicians and actors - walk the red carpet decked out in extravagant gowns and suits that the average household could use a bit more of. 

Usually, I'd just tweet as notable individuals take turns posing for the red carpet but moments into watching the livestream I realize I can't just do that. Before I even finish ooh-ing and aah-ing over someone or something I already notice another someone or something in the background to ogle over. It was a sensory overload and there was no time to tweet.

Except for a particular off-camera photog who, throughout the livestream aggressively screamed at people and was hilariously distracting (e.g. CAN YOU PLEASE TEXT SOMEONE ELSE? I MEAN REALLY?! or KRISTEN DUNST LOOK THIS WAY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! SHE'S LOOKING AT NOTHING!). See what I mean by the distracting?

Anyway, point is I ignored twitter for the livestream and screencapped instead to compile for this post. The Met Gala was so beautiful, my screencaps make me feel like a faux lo-fi Tommy Ton.

Stay tuned for Part 2. Check out Part 2 here.

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