Givenchy Pre-Fall at Luisaviaroma

Givenchy pre-fall and fall collections have hit LUISAVIAROMA (for pre-order but still) and I have both an unsettling feeling and excitement as I write this. I'm unsettled because from sharks, stars, and even the return of the rottweilers, Givenchy has another hit in their hands with pieces selling out online as I relentlessly stalk them. I'd like to have them all, but I CAN'T BUY THEM ALL AT ONCE. Maybe if I half-jokingly not eat for a while. I'm also excited because there's so many great prints this season and I'm amazed that fashion-forward items are being produced from this collection.

Beforehand, I was planning to buy Prada creeper shoes (which are now on sale may I add) but now, I'm not so sure. I'm conflicted. Maybe, the ones I want are sold out now and I won't have to make the decision. If that's the case, I hope it won't happen twice with Givenchy.

Check out what I wish to have for Fall.

 Shark Print Oversized Tee, $540
Unfortunately, this one is now sold out and I haven't seen this tee anywhere else yet. At $540 it is relatively (I can't stress that enough) cheap for Givenchy. The bigger the print the more $$$ it is and prints this big have cost upwards of a $1000. And now it's sold out.
Rottweiler Print Slim Fit T-shirt, $266
Against all odds, I managed to get my Rottweiler tee on the last second last year. I guess I'll take another one. Is anything better than heads of angry Rottweilers around your head?

Shark Print Oversized Print Jersey T-Shirt, $282
I've seen this tee in a few sites and they sold out like they're $5. They were much more expensive and Luisaviaroma price is already all inclusive (delivery fees + taxes).
Corn Single Earring, $181
Just a month ago, the Spring version of this came out in limited quantities for $250(I'm not kidding when I say I relentless stalk). Again it sold out like it was from Hot Topic. It looks painful but relax, it's magnetic. I'm kind of on the fence about since I would usually not buy something like this but, it intrigues me so we'll see.
Swarovski Small Metal Nose Ring $302 and Swarovski Giant Metal Nose Ring $549
These are the most distinguished and prominent pieces from this collection and fashion people were badly hoping/wondering if it would get produced. Now, it has been. It's meant to be worn together - smart for Givenchy to sell it as separate pieces - and already the giant one is sold out. Would I wear it? Sure. I'd look insane but Givenchy insane at least.

All photos via Luisaviaroma

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