What I Want To See From The H&M X Martin Margiela Collaboration

It's been a while since H&M announced its collaboration with Martin Margiela. And since it's probably also going to be a while before any images leak (and the inevitable media frenzy), I've done some research on what we could expect from the collection. P.S. There might be a hint of wishful thinking.

Conceptual Basics
Martin Margiela is known for it's conceptual ideas on classic pieces: 2D  pants, supertall collars, and trompe l'oeil stocking shoes. I would like to see a reimagining ( of proportions, hardware, fabric choice) of basics or straight up copies of said concepts. Of course this is for mass, so tamer and more functional versions are more likely to be produced.

 Strange Accessories
Margiela accessories are a highlight for me. Just like the clothes, there's humour in the pieces such as the rings and watch with the jewellery holder as part of the design and the frozen chain necklaces and bracelets. But if there is only one jewellery I could pick, the always-sold-out ring set would be it.

Popular pieces from Margiela also include their leather items. Specifically the shoes. Simple zip up boots are appealing to many and the infamous hoof boots are a good option for the daring. If H&M can emulate the quality of the leather Margiela uses, they've got a hit in their hands.

Dramatic Outerwear
Because Margiela's construction is top notch, they're able to create unorthodox outerwear. I would like to see jackets and coat that are just on this side of normal. But of course I wouldn't mind seeing a wig jacket or a crazy giant fut hat thing either.

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