Les Plus Dores

Fashion is sort of like a sport. Each brand is a team of it's own and their avid wearers represent them. Les Plus Dores has taken this idea and come out with sport jerseys that fashion people would actually be caught wearing. Sporting (sorry for the pun) the last names of creative directors such as Riccardo Tisci, Heidi Slimane, and Phoebe Philo, one can now pledge their allegiance to the brand they love. It's relatively inexpensive ($85) but the tees are limited edition (so exclusive).  It's a novel idea that I'm liking more and more as I see more and more bloggers sporting the tees. Its humourously literal but still, only true Philo-philes and co. would recognize these names.

Check out more of the design team after the jump:

first photo via: stopitrightnow, all other photos via les plus dorés

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