Toronto Fashion Week Day 3

The Room

For the last three days, I've been staying with my friends who live thisclose to Ryerson. It felt like I was one of the students. I had things to do, places to go, and doing it all on little sleep. Except I was running around  town to get to shows and killing time window shopping. I wasn't staying up because I had essays due and studying to do, I just couldn't sleep.

Speaking of school, I remembered I had another friend who went to Ryerson. I called her and what do you know, she was heading down to, shocker, to school for a presentation. We stopped by Tim Hortons and grabbed magazines at Chapters. Like assholes, we sat at the Starbucks inside. Then we went to the mall to make ourselves feel happy and eat more of our feelings. This time it was in the form of frozen yogurt. After we made our way to a library in Ryerson. Floor after floor of books and students, it was like Blair Witch when I left alone.

Then I was off to the shows. Rachel Sin made me feel nothing. Soia & Kyo, an outerwear brand, sent out a preppy desert-like collection - style often like J. Crew - with sorbet shades of beige, pink, and greens offset by stripes, plaid, and mico prints; leather jackets were a highlight. After I went to see Arthur Mendonca which was typical pretty Arthur Mendonca.

Today was my last day at my friends's house but I totally forgot when they asked me to go for ice cream (!). Once I got my things we detoured to LCBO and then to Marble Slab to meet their friend. Tip: don't sit near the door, homeless people will creepily complement you for change and/or spook you mid-conversation when you least expect it. Both happened to me in minutes.

After, my friend from Ryerson finished school and came by. We were commuting back together. Although staying with friends is the greatest, I realllly missed my bed. Still, I was up till 2.
the room

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