Toronto Fashion Week Day 2


I never sleep well at any place but my own bed. I pretended to sleep and my body called bullshit. At noon I woke up and joined my friend to get coffee with her friends. They had meaningful  conversation while I blurted out things as if I had drank alcohol. 

Then my friend went to school and I went to kill time looking at mall clothes. Then I went to The Room looking at designer clothes. If you want to buy happiness, go there. I opted to buy Halloween chocolate instead and ate too many before heading to see the shows.

I went to see Matis by Lucian Matis show. It was a flower print filled collection. I skipped the show after and looked for more happiness I couldn't afford at Holt Renfrew. I then returned for Lucian's mainline show and met with more friends. We ended up taking photos in every possible booth at the venue. We even approached Jeanne Becker, a beacon of fashion light in the small screen, to take a photo with us. The sugar from the chocolate was definitely kicking in. Then it was finally show time. In addition to the similar prints Matis's diffusion line, he included croc leather jackets, shorts, gowns at the finale. It was probably one of the best collections of the week.

After, I headed back to my friend's place where we watched Lizzie Mcguire among other Disney shows. I miss Family channel! We ate more chocolate and had an impromptu party for two. It was fun. We waited for our other friend to come home to watch Survivor as they always do every Thursday. The stream was laggy and we killed time in between by being, as my friends would say, Quirky Garcias.

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