Clothes Are Just Not Clothes

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Today I cleaned out my closet and it made me realize how much it reveals about me. Clothes are like the company you keep, they say something about you. I own a lot of black because it's associated with sensibilities like ease and streamline and the style and attitudes of say, Parisians and rockers I aspire to be. 

On the other hand, there is a small section in colour and pieces with humour in the details that represent my desire for wildness and adventure. 

However, the common thread in my wardrobe is my - conscious - demand for comfort and function. There are no suspenders in sight to hold up ill fitting pants and thanks to my high intolerance to fabrics (not because I'm an asshole or maybe...), there're only sweaters made with cashmere.

When I look at each piece I'm also reminded of the time and place I got them and the headspace I was in. There are these long sleeve shirts and jacket by Alexander Wang I bought on my first trip to New York, the city I fell in love with. I got them at Opening Ceremony and they were my very first pieces of designer clothing. They hold sentimental value although they don't get a lot of wear.

Then there's this other jacket, it's just from H&M but it was bought with one of my first pay checks. It's  the last piece from that stage of my life and I finally decided to let it go. I gave it to my brother with a backstory and a stern demand to take care of it. 

On the other side, there are pieces that were easier to let go. Like the fake leather jacket I thought looked like the iconic Balenciaga jacket (it doesn't) or pieces that still have tags on them. 

This explains my shrewd shopping habit (a personal rule: if I have to ask 'should I get it?' I won't). I am particular when it comes to people as well and I have an intentionally small circle of friends. The same discernment applies to my shopping habit.

The act of cleaning out one's closet reminds me clothes really aren't just clothes. Beyond their nature of superficiality is something meaningful. They are moments in time; ones I want to hold on to and ones I want to forget. They can be like friendships. Some stay for certain times of my life then drift away and then make room for new ones for new beginnings. But then there's a few that are constants and just right. I hold on to those ones no matter what. 

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