Tommy Ton For Club Monaco Bags

via torontostandard
Yesterday the Tommy Ton for Club Monaco bags came out. If you're thinking about getting the bags, good luck finding them. Supposedly, in Toronto, there's a wait list and it was full before the bags even hit the store. They are that good.

Now, I may or may not have gotten my hands on them, but I can tell you this. The bag collection, or should I say duo, consists of only two styles: a backpack and a messenger. This is more about quality than quantity clearly. Looking at the bags, it's evident it was carefully designed as everything seems "just right" and I appreciate that. Both come in navy with leather piping and a nifty leather strap enclosure. If you like the distressed look, these are also made of canvas. With a minimal aesthetic, the Tommy Ton bags are as functional as they're stylish. That is, if your style is no fuss.

UPDATE: I know I said the bags are sold out but there are two ways you can get them besides shelling out wads of money on Ebay. 1) The stores might restock it. 2) If you're in Canada, the online store is launching on April 11th and they might have the bags available. Also, when the American site had them, the bags online were signed by Tommy Ton. The cherry on top.


  1. I think you mean your* and not you're.

  2. Good eye! Thanks for catching that.