Bangerz Review: Self Discovery At Its Most Honest and Selfish

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In Hollywood, child stars are praised for being 'wise beyond their years' and 'mature' but how does society react when an artist actually act their age? What you get is Miley Cyrus and is it actually okay to just be yourself or your idea of self? Bangerz is what growing pains sound like unfiltered.

At its youngest, there's FU filled with chat-speak acronyms and a summery track (#GETITRIGHT) with a hashtag on it. There's also the title track with Britney Spears on it where Cyrus nonsensically talks about a tree on her lap. Not kidding.

At its most mature, Drive includes the line 'If forever's out the door/ I'll ignore your call' and in Maybe Your Right Cyrus ambiguously contemplates either her decision to break up and/or leave her old persona behind, the two hot topics which she should be credited for ingeniously pushing listeners to keep talking about.

'If you're looking for pretty then you need to go somewhere else' she proclaims in Someone Else and captures what Bangerz is about. It's a version of the wild, erratic, and unpolished behaviours of youth unapologetically. It's not idealistic but realistic. This is Cyrus's reality right now and she's embracing it - albeit intensified at times - rather than hide it and the result is bravely compelling. Bangerz is a practice in self discovery at its most honest and selfish and listeners are challenged on how they feel about that.

Favourite tracks: Adore You, SMS (Bangerz), Love Money Party, Drive, Do My Thang

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