General Tips on Volunteering For Fashion Week and How To Get An Internship/Co-Op/Whatever

A few years ago I volunteered for the first time at Toronto Fashion Week and wrote some advice on how to maximize the experience. It's been a long time since then but every time a fashion week comes up - not just Toronto's - I get a lot of people getting in touch thanking me for providing insight in to what it's like to volunteer for fashion week and also inquire as to how they can do the same. So instead of inefficiently emailing you all individually, here are some general advice:

Every fashion week differ from each other and this is why I say 'general' advice. I have no idea how to volunteer at New York fashion week or how to intern for this fashion house or that stylist. But if I wanted to, I would find a way to do so.

So my first advice to you if you want to volunteer for fashion week is to get familiar with the fashion industry in your town. By that I mean, finding the answers to questions like: when is fashion week? who is it ran by? where is it held?

The same applies for internships and co-ops. Although, here in Toronto, most internships and co-ops opportunities can be found - often exclusively - via school unless it's a large company like a major publication or PR company. Also companies will prioritize students for reasons like the internship/co-op is for school credits and a preference on individuals who are learning/or have the skills the position require.  

So contact the organization to get the specifics in how to go about volunteering/interning for them. To find their contact, remember, Google is your best friend. Use it. #lifeadvice

And please don't be afraid to get in touch with people or organizations. Most likely, dozens of people contact them for the same reasons you are so don't feel like what you're doing is unheard of. In fact people appreciate seeing initiative and passion. Chances are, they've been at your position before.

As a final advice, if you really want to do something, you'll be resourceful and determined to find a way to get there. Fashion and or otherwise.

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