Reasons Why You Should Get Twitter


Social Media is here to stay and Twitter is the latest addition to join the rest. But it seems that every time I ask someone if they have twitter, more often than not, the answer is no. So why is that? Maybe its the zero desire update everyone on what they're doing constantly. Maybe they just don't find the reasons it benefits them. Well these are the reasons why.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons you should get Twitter:

1. Follow Your Favorite Brands in One Place. Whether its clothing chains like personal favorites H&M, Club Monaco, and Shopbop. Or maybe celebrities like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. They're all here. Everything in between too. All. In. One. Place.

2. Breaking News. Remember when CNN launched as an up to the minute news channel? That was groundbreaking and now Twitter takes it one step further. You also get to choose what news you want to hear by following people/ brands that you like. Hopefully you didn't have to suffer Weiner's twitpics though.

3. Exclusive Deals. Businesses are trying to find a way to get people to follow them in different social media avenues and one way they do that is by offering exclusive content as incentives. You will be in the know before anyone else too and it helps per se if its a giant sale people will be clamoring for.

4. Stay in Touch. Sometimes Facebook is too personal and not everyone you meet will fall under 'friends'. Take for example volunteer work, interviews, and other brief encounters that doesn't let you establish friendships. Twitter is great for acquaintances you want to get to know more. You can follow them and comment on their tweets now and then. If you like them you can take the next step and promote them as friends (on Facebook none the less).

5. Discover new things. Whether its people, brands, or news Twitter is a deep ocean of information. What's great is that these discoveries are almost always within your interest  because its those you follow who will notify you about these great things. Just don't forget to do the same thing!

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