Steven Meisel: Career and Memorable Editorials

'Supermods Enter Rehab' via papermode

Photographers play an integral part in the fashion industry. They are part of the collaboration and without them the fantasy would not be the same. It's the ones with a strong sense of vision that become the most influential and successful. Whether were talking about Picasso or Spielberg, they have a perspective and executes its so that the message is clear to their viewers - this is what I aim for in my blog. The most renowned photographer do not just point and shoot, many times they are involved in conceptualizing the idea. It is this added factor of creativity that separates a visionary from an ordinary photographer. 

I asked myself, who is my favorite photographer? This comes from the initial question, 'What are the most memorable editorials I have seen?' I don't know about you, but as an art fanatic, it was astounding how many I could think of. It just goes to show how much impact these images have on me that they are vividly ingrained in my head even years later. To answer the question, my favorite is Steven Meisel. 

'State of Emergency' via trendland
What separates the illustrator-turned-photgrapher from the rest is the dynamic of his images. Yes the lighting, the clothes, and the models are phenomenal but even beyond that is his ability to have his essence present in each of his photograph. When you look at his photos, there is a definitive Meisel-ness to it. Maybe it is the amount of published work he has but the amount of quality is undoubtedly there too. Meisel has accomplished a lot in his career, frequenting US Vogue and serves as a permanent fixture on Vogue Italia - a tremendous feat for the constantly changing fashion industry.

'Make Love Not War' via mymodernmet

Another layer that can be found in Meisel's work (specifically editorials) are the messages behind them. Meisel takes on social, political, and other cultural phenomena currently happening in the world and uses his work as a platform to comment on these hot topics. Like any trailblazers, a dialogue is created and controversy ensues with his photos. By him taking inspiration from current events, it shows the relevance of the clothes in his photographs. It doesn't make a hand made golden armor leggings by Balenciaga, for example, any less extravagant but it does show how it applies to today's world. Analyzing this, you can say that the clothes doesn't wear him, the clothes enhances the messages his conveying.

'Live on The Web' via avantgarde.blogsome

As an established photographer, Meisel has the credibility and power to influence people in the industry. He can change people's live, in particular models. Meisel is the equivalent of opening a Prada show when it comes to a newcomer model's career. Just ask Sasha or model of the moment Arizona Muse (if their schedule allows). To be Meisel's current muse would be a difference of night and day for a model. It would mean your pretty much guaranteed a spread in Vogue Italia and if Franca loves you too, a cover.

Snejana, a Meisel muse poses in 'Future Perfect' via vogue-italia.blogspot

One of my all time favorite cover Sasha Pivovarova on Vogue Italia Dec. 2005 via vogue-italia.blogspot

If Miuccia Prada decides she loves you too, prepare to pioneer a new face and ideal in fashion because Meisel and Prada girls seem synonymous with one another. Meisel has been shooting Prada campaign for years with no signs of stopping. Prada has a track record for launching a girl's career. On top of Arionza and Sasha, Elise, Jourdan, Daria, and Raquel's careers all exploded after walking in Prada. Opening and closing this show is a significant indicator of a model's career and launch her to the forefront of the most wanted list.

Prada S/S 11 via fashionmodeldirectory
No doubt, other photographers have had significant contributions to the fashion world but also in the photography world as well. Steven Meisel has more than had his share as a go to photographer for US Vogue and Vogue Italia plus shooting major campaigns like Prada. His artistic vision is definitive and uses his platform as a social commentary on current events. His influence and stamp of approval can kick start careers in the fashion industry and not to mention his legacy will set the bar for the next generation of visionaries. 

Who's your favorite photographer? Hit me on the comment box!

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