Cambridge Satchel

I know, I am being a stereotypical blogger right now but I'm a strong believer of wearing what you want no matter the status quo is (plus it reminds me of this extremely limited edition bag). Anyway,thanks to A2Zane (which carries other impressive hard-to find brands in TO), the only store to carry the satchel in Canada, I finally saw this bad boy of a bag in person. Here's the story...

I was on a streetcar when a neon orange blur in the window caught my eye. I don't even remember where I was heading to but whatever it was clearly had to wait because this bag literally stopped me on my tracks.

It is clear why this has become a rage in the fashion crowd because the oh-so-popular neon fluro (o)range looks even better in person. The contrast of a classic bag, such as a satchel, in hyper bright shades just hits all the right spots. Personally, it's an unexpected choice for someone who wear mostly black and muted colours. Plus, the price point ($180) is attractive and did I mention it is MADE in Britain? With a recipe as perfect as this, it is easy to be bit by the Cambridge Satchel bug.

And for a PS1 obsessed individual, this is a pretty darn good alternative.


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