Iphone Problems

Hello everyone. I have something to get off my chest and warn you that this is a rant post.

My iTunes won't sync music on to my iPhone. I have gone to the Apple Store and have a Genius appointment THREE TIMES now to find a solution and figure out what the problem is. Still, nothing. They just gave me a new iPhone, it was working with iOS 4 but when I updated it with iOS 5 and I'm back to square one. I'm so irritated right now. For a whole month I have had to make do with music purchased from iTunes, which is not much. I have been restoring my iPhone and reinstalling Itunes so many times and losing data along the way. I've tried so many things to change settings and yadiyadiya but to no avail I am still stuck with no music.

Anyway that's my rant. I'll update you on this situation.

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