Alexander Wang Fall 12 Preview

"I'm fascinated with packaging and how we preserve things."

Vogue is again giving us a sneak peak of what to expect at Alexander Wang's Fall 12 collection tomorrow (I'm addicted and have been googling it every day this whole week)Wang says he is "fascinated with packaging and how we preserve things." I don't know how that's ever interesting (he admits he finds inspiration "in really crazy places") but I'm trusting Wang to pull out another strong collection.

Packaging materials like cellophane, shrink wrap, and even 'laminated tweeds and snakeskin' are expected to be all present tomorrow. I'm thinking the clothes will resemble/reference packaging which is perfect for fall since you know, you have to protect yourself from the weather. He did do illusions/trompe l'oeil for Pre Fall 12 and he also said some thing about preserving and I'm thinking of a refrigerator/freezer. Or maybe dinosaur fossils. Some bubble wrap (texture?), tissue paper (sheer?), and literal (cardboard) box-y coats perhaps? Maybe the models will come out of a giant crate... How are any of these ideas going to be wearable?! Who knows. I'm rambling on now and throwing crazy ideas around. What do you think? I'm too tired and excited to see the show tomorrow to make any sense.

I guess all we'll be uncovered tomorrow. Ha.

Check out more previews of the collection after the jump:

The preview showed quite a few of the bags. From what I gather its all lady like and a bit 90s. The purse above looks like a love child of an Hermes and Celine bag. The quilted one of course is iconic enough not to mention what it resembles. The most interesting  is the log bag Wang has over his shoulder. It is oddly mature for Wang's aesthetic. Maybe this vibe will trickle in to the rest of the collection...

all photos via Vogue

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