Mary Katrantzou For Topshop 2012

"This range will be the most ambitious."

As you may know,
I love Mary Katrantzou. I love her maximalist aesthetic and I appreciate that she has defined the DNA of the brand, especially for a young designer. You just know when you see a Katrantzou print and this February, you have the chance to own it too.

It has been announced that Katrantzou's collaboration with Topshop will come out on February 17th ( this Friday). Katrantzou says, "They've been so supportive of my work from the very beginning and this range will be the most ambitious".

Ambitious is right. The collection has been described as "the most literal translation" and that it would "slip seamlessly onto her runway." Many times these collaborations get lost in translation between the drawing board and the production line but this is not the case for Katrantzou. "My idea behind the collaboration was to design for the Topshop girl a range that is as close to the aesthetic of my mainline as possible, with great control over the quality of design and production".

The signature Katrantzou bowl dress.

"It's more Katrantzou than it is Topshop, which I think are always the best collections from these designer collaborations."

 Even from the photos it is evident that careful attention has been put in it. The heavily edited 9 piece collection includes a t shirt, leggings, scarf, jersey and  a silk dress. But the showstopper of the collection is the signature Katrantzou bowl dress (£350). "I'm astounded that Topshop managed to get it to that price!" Katrantzou says. "It's boned and a very intricate pattern. Plus, only a few of them have been made, so it's something very special. I know anyone who spends that kind of money doesn't want to see every else wearing one."

I'm really impressed by this collection. It's more Katrantzou than it is Topshop, which I think are always the best collections from these designer collaborations. Often, the hype and marketing of these collections overshadow the actual garments which are almost always subpar but not Katrantzou. Especially not Katrantzou. Yes, the pieces are pricey for Topshop but much cheaper than Katrantzou (dresses retail for thousands). So I suggest you buy some thing from this collection because it really is the next best thing.

Check out the rest of the collection after the jump:

all photos via fashionista

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