Fashion, Fashion What's Your Function?

Say hello to the younger, more prevalent, sibling of  the proverb 'beauty is pain', beauty is discomfort.

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In the world of fashion, it is generally accepted that pain is some times the price one pay to be beautiful: a dress too tight, heels only for sitting, or even invasive procedures to alter one's appearance. But these are uncommon circumstances for most people. Instead, there are every day sartorial choices that people tolerate that aren't as painful but lasts longer and happens more frequently.

Take for instance, outerwear. Its purpose is to provide warmth in the cold weather but in the fashion world, it's a first impression. Often, it's the sole item one can see to gauge one's style regardless of what's underneath. Simply put a winter coat rarely elevate one's style. For these reasons, function some times become secondary to style and a sensible puffer jacket is substituted for a more flattering, less warm alternative.

Other times, it's not by choice to settle for uncomfortable clothing. Financial means can also prevent many to purchase clothes made of better fabrics that are more comfortable. Knitwear is a prime example of this where often costs are cut by substituting natural fabrics like cotton and wool with synthetic ones like acrylic and polyester. Not only does the product result in being itchy and scratchy, synthetic fabric also doesn't breathe well and can cause unpleasant sweating.

But comfort can also be subjective. Every one's preferences differ from each other and a particular design might function and/or fit some one's style better than some one else's. Take for example, tote bags. It's appropriate for carrying items like school books or groceries but not so much in a cold climate where one would rather have their hands in their pocket than holding a bag.

Coco Chanel once said, "Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love." But with the extreme lengths people go through these days to feel and be deemed beautiful, that quote may be out of touch. Maybe it is a luxury to want the best of both worlds but  maybe we should have higher standards. Ultimately, clothes should never be uncomfortable because really, who looks good like that?

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