Oprah on Jimmy Kimmel Like You've Never Seen Her Before

After the Oscars last night, Jimmy Kimmel had an Oscars specials at his late night show. I only caught a glimpse of it (I was watching The Amazing Race) and kinda bummed that I didn't get to see the broadcast since he had a very special guest. Oprah.

It's rare to see Oprah as a guest on a talk show since you know, she had her own talk show but what makes this actually 'special' is we got to see Oprah like we've never seen her before. I don't know how, but Jimmy Kimmel and Co. managed to get her to be ridiculous in multiple skits. "There were certain things I would not do and I've held those standards until I came to work with you on this show" Oprah says.

OPRAHS. FIGHT. CLUB. That is all.

Also check out Part 1 of her interview after the jump if you love her that much:

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