Fall Trend 2012: Scarves

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Remember this scarf?

The one who's actual name is keffiyeh and is a traditional headwear by Arab men. It also caused some controversy. Every other celebrity wore them anyway and consequently by everyone else when it became a full fledged trend. It's been three/four years since it over-saturated the streets and now it's coming back.

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Not the keffiyeh scarf perhaps, for now anyway, but the prominence of scarves becoming a major accessory again. If you've been to a high street store these past few months  you'll see a scarf-print-this and a bandana-print-that. Blazers and pants are baroque print-ed out. Perhaps it's because of the success of Givenchy lately. Or maybe it's Versace's iconic prints being revived for that not-so-demure collaboration. The resurgence of Versace's in mainstream fashion also happens to be a nod to the 90s revival (eg. denim, crop tops, plaid) that's been happening for the last three years. Maybe it's a culmination of all these - and more;  the inspiration to come back to form seems like a natural progression.

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Although I personally like the perforated leather bandanas Alexander Wang showed at his Spring 12 collection, it's the Celine Fall 12 look that has the best trend potential. 1. Celine is a hot name in fashion that continues to have the golden touch and 2. Celine just did it again for Resort 13. Paired with an oversized coat, the silk scarves are wrapped around the neck and knotted at the front. The result is a more refined sleek version of it's predecessor from just a couple years ago. Somehow it looks new again. 

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