Gallery Girls

I'd be the first to admit I aspire to be cool.
It's my version of beauty and who doesn't aspire to that (in some degree)? So when I heard about and consequently watched Gallery Girls, I was drawn to it. Twenty something women maneuvering the art world in New York? Yes please. One, I'm fascinated by anyone who lives in New York especially those my age and as Hannah from Girls would say, "makes [them] automatically more interesting" and two, they dress like how I imagine cool New York girls would: deceivingly aloof and easy. This all sounds superficial - and it is - even as I write it, but fashion is sometimes shallow and sometimes it should be.

And three, I like shows about people following/living their dreams; especially when it's about art. Watching people seek their joy is aspiring and entertaining.

On the other side, Gallery Girls is a reality show and the accuracy of the whole premise is questionable. I, myself don't know anything about the art industry but please don't watch it to learn about the art world. That's like watching the Real Housewives series and thinking that's what wifehood is like. I mean, are petty fighting and insult spewing (reality show staples) really that prominent in the art world? Maybe it is. Regardless, I'm watching it for a different kind of shallow fun.

photo via godammit

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