Proenza Schouler S/S 13 - A Lesson In Contraditions

For S/S 13 Proenza Schouler mixes tradition with modernism. Known for experimenting with textures, Hernandez and McCollough skipped on the destination vacations and instead went to a source of inspiration right at their fingertips: the internet. Culture inspired fabrications were replaced by exotic leathers and high shine fabrics giving the collection a futuristic feel. Patchwork - linear and seemingly free form - and weaving were used to mix the fabrics together. Tumblr was mentioned as a particular point of reference where this collection's images-as-prints of beaches, nature, and people were presumably found.

With polar references, the collection is an ambitious balancing act. But for Hernandez and McCollough this collection was executed with precision and erratic only in concept. The different leathers (lime, teal, red, green, and blue) were methodically placed on boxy vests and skirts. Even dresses with haphazardly placed fabrics seemed deliberate to resemble a stain glass window rather than a frankenstein dress. Weaving and prints were also masterfully infused together. And by the end of the collection, prints and fabrics were sliced and sewn back together; beading and grommets were added to the mix enhancing (rather than detracting from) the designs. This collection showcased the design duo's ability to create a collection full of contradictions: frenetic but disciplined; maximalist but refined; traditional but modern. And leather for summer? Why not. Somehow it worked and Hernandez and Lazaro's work continues to impress.

See full collection here.
photo via fabsugar

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