Mock Neck

Every body feels weird about their necks. Some like crew necks, some like loose necks, and some like something in between. Personally, I like a tight neck and I don't care for any deep showcase-those-clavicles necklines. It's just right.

Now I'm experimenting with the idea of going one step further: mock necks. Turtle necks have been this thing trying to happen in fashion for a while now and it's just not happening. It just seems old fashioned and uncomfortable. However, Phoebe Philo has me convinced to try it; she makes them look cool. Also, classy which let's face it, I could use some of.

However, baby steps. Right now I'm looking for mock necks. The is-it-or-is-it-not version of the turtle neck. It gets a similar overall effect and I don't feel like I'm strangling myself.

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