Ripley's Aquarium of Canada Photos

I finally went to Ripley's Aquairum! Every time I asked someone to go, they've already gone and they've got the Instagram pic/video to prove it to make me envious. Imagine the build up of excitement I had. Thankfully I went in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day (I recommend you not to go on the weekend) and it wasn't overwhelmingly busy. I would say it's definitely worth the $30 to go check it out (they also have the $100 annual pass for the fanatic). It's the biggest indoor aquarium in Canada: they have all types of fish, sting rays, crabs, octopus, seahorse, jellyfish, and sharks! There are zones where you can pet the stingrays, sharks, and crabs too. The whole thing is impressive and I recommend you go check it out when you can.

I wouldn't mind going again (read: take me!)

Called the wolffish and it's my favourite. It looked like a baby deer with wings.
Rainbow reef.
Curious how fun/not fun this job is
This fish was HUGE. Maybe 6 feet in length and there was a couple of them in the smallest aquarium...
Bring a camera with flash or else your photo will look  more like this...
...but sometimes that's not such a bad thing. Look how much fun I am.
This is what desperation look likes: those sting rays were a teaseeee.
Dragon Seahorse: my other favourite. They look so weird and ancient.
My favourite part: the jellyfish! #idontthinkyoucanhandlethis
Just me and my homies.

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