There are shoe people, bag people and me, a coat person. I'm usually in just a tee and pants and I've learned that a coat requires the littlest effort for me to look like I haven't let myself go yet. Literally I put one on and people get impressed until I break it to them that: 'Just kidding, it's actually just the coat. I'm actually lazy as fuck.'

I'm also usually discerning with my purchases given that my closet is coat-full and it gives me anxiety to have to throw them - it's almost like abandoning a child. Almost. Particularly coats because a) I'm well versed on them, b) being the sole-item that's sartortially stimulating about me and c) they're an expensive mistake to make. Seriously.

This season however, as picky as I am, I found soooo many jackets I just can't not have in my life. So much so I make double conjunctions.

One of my faaaave designers, Sid Neigum made this jacket as part of his winning TFI comptetition collection and this jacket looks so fucking rad. I'm still really about the trompe l'oeil jacket-over-the-shoulder that's pervaded the fashion crowd. Also he did a similar one waaaay before it became a thing.

I dismissed this oversized biker piece from Zara when I first saw it on the campaign just because it's patent. Patent people are not particularly my kind of people. However, I saw it on a guy in person and he made a convincing case that it's actually a pretty fucking cool retro/futuristic design a la Ghesquiere's Balenciaga(really any of his collection, but this is a personal fave).

I'm always amazed how drastically different a jacket can look on me versus another person. This Zara piece didn't look particularly interesting online, however I tried it on in person and woaaaahhh it looks great on my body. This is rarely the case.  The shape/volume of it is visually interesting from many angles and the construction makes it look expensive as fuck.
This Alexander Wang jacket has been on my list since I laid my eyes on it and has been mentioned multiple times here. I finally found it, after 3 years of pursuit, and it's coming next week. Can't fucking wait. UPDATE: It's here and it's the raddest (check my instagram @jerrlife).

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