I May Not Be Okay But I'm Like Okay

"I'm okay. I may not seem okay and I may not be okay now, but I'm like o-kay." I've always related the most to Hannah mostly because of her neurosis, but judging from this quote from Marnie from GIRLS season 3 trailer, that may no longer be the case. Part of GIRLS appeal, for me and presumably others, is the show's ability to articulate and mirror so much of the 20-something experience with wit and precision .

This quote is what I've been saying particularly for the last three years-ish. Life has pushed me and caused me to drown in the ocean of pessimism - possibly dragging loyal friends along - so many times I realize that I am in fact resilient enough to come back up for air and get my shit back together. So when Marnie displays optimism despite the current grim state of her reality, I feel her and she feels me. So come January 12th (so clooooose) I will be watching because I need to be affirmed it really will be o-kay.

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