Hair Dilemma

So I want to change my hair and I need some advice. Here's my hairstory (#seewhatididthere): I was blonde and kept the top long and later I dyed it brown. When I grew it out, I ended up having ombre only on the top. I grew to hate it (sorry for the pun). A few months ago I was finally relieved and got it cut. Howeverrrrrr, the bottom layer is now disproportionately long to the layers around my face.

I want a change again. Here are my options:

Shave it or go blonde. I have an attraction for extremes. I figure if I'm going to make a change, get to the other side. The two sides being my hair's length and colour. I've never been bald and I do want to donate my hair. I've been blonde but I'm curious what it'd look like long.

I'm not entirely sure what to do. So far the most logical thing to do is to go blonde, grow it out, and gradually get rid of it. Once it's gone, I can shave it off to donate. I just hate thinking about the growing  out phase. It's such a commitment to look less than ideal.

People have exclaimed 'NO!' when I say I want the shave it off but it's the same reaction I got when I proposed blonde the first time. So when I say blonde now, people think it'd be cool but I  don't know. I am just full of doubts.

Share your thoughts, convince me.

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