To say this made my year would be an understatement. I had the privilege of attending the When Tommy Met Anna Exhibit at The Bay. I traveled 2 hours for this and actually went the day before too thinking it was then.

 Once I did arrive at The Room, where it was held, The line had already gathered but it was maybe 50 people - not too bad of a reception. Anna ran 30 minutes late because she had to change for probably the fifth time that day (She just came from The Marilyn Dennis Show).

Lots came dressed to the nines except for those two sisters in workout gear...

 Once the line started moving you could feel the anticipation. I was catching glimpses of her and the reality that she was here sunk in. I started snapping photos for some reason and containing my excitement got harder to do as my turn to meet Tommy and her came closer.

Prada bananas. But can you see the prada stole scarf?
When I was maybe 5 people away a Bay associate tells the rest of the line that Anna is no longer signing or taking photos. Of course no one listened to her. Everyone stayed in line hoping Anna stayed and stayed she did.

When I was the next person in line I prepared myself. Just writing this brings back the same frantic heart beat and disbelief that I was getting to meet THE Anna Dello Russo. Then it was my turn and I actually held my composure pretty well.
Anna with the Stacey Kimel

Anna didn't come off intimidating and was actually approachable. She was wearing a canoe hat with the Hudson Bay Heritage print on it. Funny thing is she rest her head on Tommy's shoulder and the canoe got stuck in Tommy's face net. She was also wearing an interesting dress that resembled a decked out lamp shade. It was interesting to say the least and nothing less of what you would expect from Anna. 

Anna's manager.

Anna doesn't have the greatest English but she recognized the Lanvin bow tie I was wearing and was pointing at it with approval.

Look at her face! She approves!
I showed her my painting (which I was second guessing to finish since I'm no good at it) and she was impressed with it as well and nudged Tommy that it was one of his photos of her. She was really amused by it and when I told her to sign it she didn't know if she should. I told her absolutely and with a golden sharpie no less she wrote "Happy Bday JR" and I asked Tommy too who gladly complied.

Next to the real deal. via omarleslie

I then asked if I could take a photo with them which of course they agreed to. I was next to Anna and Tommy was holding my painting. Anna told me to come closer to her which I think was a nice gesture coming from her. I really wanted to respect her space but she was more than comfortable for me to be next to her.

My best Anna impersonation. Were lots of fun.

My best Tommy Ton impersonation. We're lots of fun too.

Anyway after that I was pretty much over the moon and the whole galaxy. I stayed a bit to look at the gallery and met Omar again, a fellow blogger and photographer. I also stayed just to gaze at Anna. She finally left 30 minutes later than she was supposed to but not before looking at some shoes and saying "Ciao!" to everyone.

Until next time Anna, Ciao!

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  1. Ah, loved this post. Sound so much fun and your painting is really nice!

  2. Thank you! it was exhilirating to see her.