H&M x Versace : Favorites and Top Picks for Men

Its that time of year again! When November comes, it means the latest H&M collaboration will finally debut (in select few stores). This year it is the house of Versace. I hope you've seen the full collection if not check it out here. The collection is based on iconic pieces from Versace and features lots of prints, bold colours, and a sexy feel to it. Here are my top picks for men:

I'm having a moment with collar tips and Versace has dress shirts in black, turquoise, pink, and black/white print with said collar tips. Also, hidden buttons makes the shirt even more minimalistic.

Slim fit black trousers are a staple but how many times can you get one with the label Versace tagged in it? Bet you it has the crazy black/white print as lining inside. 

This shoe has a cool design and the hardware are very Versace. Notice the lining peaking through, crazy print!

Great update on a basic. Plus it will probably be one the cheaper items to get your hands on of the collection.

A cool bracelet with signature Versace design. This could be punky or as a statement piece for an otherwise simple ensemble.

If the loudness of the prints and colours of Versace isn't for you. The low-dose of studs on the sides of this t-shirt would look good on anyone.

Again, a low dose of studs and it really does look cool with it going down the sides. Get a head start on summer and get these shorts!

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