H&M x Versace : Favorites and Top Picks for Women

The Versace for H&M collection is coming out in less than a month. As usual, the girls have more choices! The collection is very Versace. Bright, sexy, and glamorous (at H&M prices!). Here are my top picks from the collection:

P.S. Don't forget to check out my Top Picks for Mens as well!

This dress is bright, pink, and golden beaded. Perfect for a party dress.
The cape on the back of this dress is an elegant detail. And the red silk makes it a perfect Christmas dress.
The dominatrix inspiration of this dress is perfect. Its sexy without being over the top. Plus the straps are leather!
Fur is everywhere now a days but no one does sexy and glamour like Versace. This belted fur vest is proof.
The jewellery in the Versace collection is particularly strong. These earrings are a great example of that.
This choker is an easy buy. A statement piece paired with a simple black dress this is sexy and sophisticated at the same time.
Finally, a bracelet. The floral hardware has a nice size to it and would brighten any outfit. Get it.

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