Versace X H&M Experience - Eaton Center

 Hey guys, I just returned from an exhausting trip to the Eaton Center. I didn't sleep at all which isn't as awful as it sounds when you're hanging out with great friends. Anyway, here is my experience with the Versace X H&M collaboration: My friends and I decided to line up before 5am. The line wasn't as long as Lanvin but  there were people with sleeping beds; even some with a mattress! This is my third time attending and it's always so entertaining and commendable how committed people are to this collaborations. Even more, here are some interesting and hilarious things overhead/seen in line:  

1. Eaton Center had the most stock of the collection. It arrived at 5 the day before and was closely guarded that even sales associates were not allowed to see it. 

2. This collection had more stock than Lanvin, the previous collection. 

3. There was this person wearing a mouth mask and I was convinced she had SARS. 

4. There's this guy wearing Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear shoes!  
 5. This pylon had swag. 

6. Someone decided to bring a scooter. 

7. Someone said that the Bloor H&M had VERY few people in line and I don't have a picture cuz you know, I wasn't in that line.

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