Rihanna - Stay

Phresh off the Grammys performing her latest single, Rihanna's Stay has leaked released the official music video for it. For the 3 minute plus duration of the video, Rihanna lays in a bath tub deep in thought. As for the song, it was written by Justin Parker and Mikky Ekko (whose featured in the track and the video).

Just like the lyrics of the song, I'm 'not really sure how to feel about' the music video. Mostly because of my distaste and disappointment in how Rihanna's goes about creating music. She's consecutively released an album for the last four years and it's markedly quantity over quality. I don't doubt she dictates the direction of her music but by letting others write the music and creating the albums in a short - often rushed - period of time, Rihanna loses authenticity and artistry along the way. Shouldn't someone her calibre be demanding nothing less than perfect? Instead, Rihanna dishes out albums decent enough to sustain its short shelf life. I'd rather hear her soul than the best songs money can afford.

Rihanna is manufactured and Stay is the biggest lie yet.

It's one thing to buy songs that makes people dance, it's another to buy other people's love letters.  Even worse (and the grossest), getting others to write your love letter. Given the specifics of the lyrics, this oxymoronic song is deceivingly personal and raw but it's not written by Rihanna.  Justin Parker did and it probably has to do with being a co-writer of last year's pop iconoclast, Lana Del Rey. Even the video looks raw and simple but in reality, it's lazy and just the illusion of the truth. However Rihanna's manufactured reality is so good, I love it anyway and I want to dip into a bath tub too for saying that. If this is what Rihanna comes up with without trying, imagine if she did.

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