The Leather Pouch

photo via legoodiecloset

As someone who has accumulated a large amount of clothes, I am now on the process to streamline my wardrobe. Not only to have a more focused - not to mention convenient - style but also to be a more conscious consumer. The criteria are: well made and style that lasts. I'm done with bags and bags of sartorial mistakes. 

As just a slice of leather with a zipper, the leather pouch is a fit. It's the simplest form a bag can take. It's light, unfussy, and will go with whatever. This is my idea of a wardrobe basic. I'm just annoyed/surprised that something so simple can be defined as feminine but personal style should never be defined by society or gender for that matter. Ideally anyway. 

And on a deeper lever, yes, I'd also like my wardrobe to be ideal. 

I know American Apparel has them but everyone does too. Exclusivity has a price and going designer might be worth it.

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