Fickle Restaurant

Last week, my friend and I were downtown in the Ryerson area trying to kill time and discovered Fickle.

If you've been in the area, the stores are old and rustic (which is not a bad thing). Fickle's contemporary design stood out. We didn't even know what kind of food they offered, nor did we care. It's an attractive restaurant. The white walls and ceiling were completely covered with heart perforations and coloured lights shined through. Perfect for Valentines. The light also changed colour (ah, fickle I get it now) every ten minutes. Perfect for short attention spans. 

We sat down and we were greeted by our server Grace. With a smile on her face may I add - that's not always a given. When I asked about recommendations or popular items she was quick to response. She was also friendly and could carry a genuine conversation. Nobody could have a more appropriate name than Grace. 

When we looked at the menu I discovered two things, a) this is not the high end restaurant it appears to be and b) its a mix of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. The food was moderately priced and was made in a reasonable time. Mine tasted great but my friend's did not. I'm unsure if it was her preference or the meal was just plain bad.

Still, we had a great time at Fickle. From the decor to the service all five of my senses were stimulated. And it cost me one meal. My friend might order something else next time but for sure, we'll be coming back.

Address: 507 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4Y1Y3
Phone: 6473513529
Website: Fickle


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